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Click here for our News & Events  link.  Our Spring Seminars have been posted. 


It's true, spring has officially arrived but garden time hasn't yet.  So what do you do now?   Plant Lists!!  Click here and we will email you a copy of one of our price lists for:  Small Fruits, Roses, Perennials and Fruit Trees.  We also have our Deer Resistant Landscape Plant List available.


See our Gardening Tips on Winter Burn on Evergreens. 


Got stones? Do you have a lot of rocks, gravel or stones in your grass.  We have an easy solution to getting them out of your yard and back in the drive.  Stihl Power Sweep's heavy-duty rubber paddles are designed to clean up caked on dirt on concrete, moves pebbles and stones from grassy turf without pulling out the grass.  The Power Sweep can be purchased to use on the Kombi System, the Yard Boss or even interchangeable on the larger line trimmers. If you only need it one time this spring - rent one!  $75.00 for 4 hours.