Begick Nursery and Garden Center warranties plants upon sale to be true to name, free of insects and disease, and in a healthy growing condition. Woody plants, with the exceptions listed below, are warrantied for one year from date of purchase or installation by our staff. Should a plant not meet this criteria, a gift card will be issued once for the plant’s purchase value and may be used as cash to purchase any item or service merchandised by Begick Nursery.



  1. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to insure proper care following purchase or installation by providing the plant(s) necessary growing environment. This includes watering and planting practices, pest control, and proper exposure to the sun and other elements.
  2. Damage or death of the plant due to accident, vandalism, neglect, under-watering, acts of God, over-watering, or improper customer transport shall void the warranty.
  3. The plant(s) are subject to inspection by Begick Nursery at any time during the warranty period.
  4. All claims and returns must have an accompanying slip or verifiable proof of purchase, NOT EXCEPTIONS!
  5. Plant replacement installed by Begick Nursery may be subject to labor charges.
  6. Roses, Azaleas, and Rhododendrons are warrantied until November 1st of the year of purchase.
  7. Plants in freestanding planters are not warrantied. Plants used as Christmas decorations, either indoor or outdoor, are not warrantied.
  8. Deciduous trees larger than 2” in trunk diameter size and evergreens larger than 5’ in height that are planted by the customer, are warrantied at 50% of their purchase price.
  9. Bulbs, root crops, vegetable plants, annuals, perennials, corns, tubers, and small fruit plants are not warrantied.
  10. Because of the inherent differences in plants and their environment, Begick Nursery can make no warranty regarding a plant’s growth rates, flower color, leaf color, growth habit, or resistance to insects or disease.


Please note the following important information

  • Please be sure to remove all of the guying strapping and staking material from the tree no later than one year or one full growing season after the tree was planted. Not doing so will potentially girdle or weaken the tree.
  • The fabric traps can simply be cut away with a scissors or knife. The metal staking wire can be cut slightly below the surface with a small bolt cutter, heavy duty wire cutter or hack saw.
  • Please tighten the guying straps where it connects to the metal stake if they become loose during the establishment period. The tension should be such that the tree can move at least 2 inches in any direction.
  • Do not over tighten as this may inhibit root development.

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